Lydia Arwert has her roots in HR and Employability. She studied Change Management and social and organisational behavior. She worked at Start People (U.S.G) as a Sr. Consultant in Employment Services, HR director for Mitsubishi Elevators and as a MT member for Agens re-integration, amongst others. In 2003 she started her own company specialized in HRD, training and coach management.

Her portfolio covers a wide range of industries including Government, Healthcare, Consulting, Banking and Media & Entertainment.

Lydia has a pro-active and pragmatic personality. She is a self-starter and a results-driven Trainer / Facilitator and Coach. Experienced as a management team member and leadership developer she has been working in an international setting for many years. With a passion for working on development for the benefit of improving result within the organization she brings out the full potential of the team members. She has the ability to communicate across all levels of an organization .

Within this commitment Lydia activates and supports her clients in the vast possibilities of personal and organizational growth.

She leads with grace, humor and heart and creates a safe and inviting environment for a powerful learning experience.

Coaching is a powerful tool to facilitate succes. Managers who have coaches are more successful than managers who don’t. So what;s the secret of this success?

Coaching will help you:

  • ORganize your thoughts, so you are more grounded and connected to your choices and goals
  • Prioritize what you want, and where you want to go next
  • Get clarity about your choices and the direction you want to take to accomplish your objectives, as well as where to focus your energy

In Coaching I follow a clear model called “ACE”…

As you may recall. ACE is a well known sports term. In Tennis it describes the straight service that is not touched bij the receiver, therefor winning the point. In daily life, “to aceit” also means ” to accomplish immediate sucess”. I translate the ACE-process with the three points as described above in mind.

In Coaching, ACE stands for:

  • Awareness – Are you aware of our thoughts, choices and goals?
  • Choice – Where do you want to go, what is important at this moment?
  • Effective outcome – What steps will you take to make this choice a reality, and… is it the outcome that you had in mind, or does it bring new Awareness?


“Lydia is one of the most dynamic colleagues I have in the profession of training and coaching. Lydia has a great sense for what is needed in the market place. She is motivated by challenges and her integrity and persistence guarantee a positive outcome to whatever she sets her mind to do. And as Lydia is incredibly loyal and unconditional in giving her time and energy all parties involved get to share in her success!”

 Philipinne Linn, True Colours Coaching –

“It is an honor and a pleasure to work with Lydia as she zooms toward amazing results. Lydia leads with grace, humor and heart as she lovingly keeps everyone focused on the task at hand.”

– Pamela Mattsson, Managing Partner North America at Axialent –

“Lydia is an oustanding professional who is able to keep the balance between her client’s interests and business priorities. She is gifted with emotional intelligence and business acumen. I recommend her to any organisation that is looking for support and service in the area of training and/or coaching.”

 Wim Vermaak, Scorta –

“Ik heb Lydia leren kennen als iemand met hart voor de zaak en een steun voor anderen binnen het project. Haar kennis van communicatie en coachende manier van werken, denken en leiding geven, welke zij op een gedegen en ook speelse wijze kan brengen, heeft veel inzichten en plezier gebracht. Kortom een professional op meerdere gebieden.”

 Marianne Kraaijeveld, Waterland Advies en Management –